Geek Top Five 11 – Great TV Shows with Really Dumb Plotlines

This week we have a special San Diego Comic Con episode! In the news, we talk about Luke Cage, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and the big DC movie trailers! Then, David Hall joins us with his list of the Top Five Great TV Shows With Really Dumb Plot lines!

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  1. Sorry I have to disagree with you re: the Gilmore Girls and Luke’s daughter. Previously unknown children do pop up in real life, and it’s a plot device used quite regularly. Luke basically choosing his daughter over Lorelai was a stupid move, but then people make stupid choices all the time. It also reflected Luke’s feelings of being a failure in a previous parenting role when Jess came to stay with him. It was a necessary plot device to throw Lorelai back together with Christopher to show her what an actual bad match that was. And the finale was so worth sticking around for!!!

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