Kylie On The San Diego Comic Con

Top Five Moments At Comic Con

As SDCC 2016 is in full swing I am having a severe case of FOMO not being there this year so to help with that I have created a quick list of my top five comic con moments.

  1. That time Bill Murray randomly showed up. Last year on the Thursday, which is usually a light day in Hall H, Open Road treated us to a surprise appearance by Bill Murray for his film Rock The Kasbah. The schedule only stated that Open Road would be presenting some upcoming film footage but no title or talent was listed to attend so there was no real excitement leading up to it. Once the panel started the lights went down and all of a sudden a spotlight was shining on one of the side entrances. Bill Murray came fully dressed as his character rocking out to the music as he made his way to the stage. Everyone immediately jumped to their feet screaming as he walked by. He was exactly how you would want him to be when answer questions and it was one of the coolest experiences to be a part of.
  2. Being in the room when the first Deadpool trailer was shown. I’ve never feel a room vibrate as much as it did during the Deadpool trailer reveal. Before showing the trailer Ryan Reynolds came out on stage and basically reaffirming that no one is more perfect for that role than him. As soon as the trailer was over the crowd gave a standing ovation followed by a chant of “One more time!!” until they agreed to let us see it again.
  3. Suicide Squad trailer. The Saturday at comic con is always the longest and best day in Hall H. Getting up at 6am to go stand in line in hopes of getting in for the Warner Bros panel that starts the day off with a massive line up. Fun fact I was in Hall H that day from 8am until midnight after the Supergirl pilot was aired during the DCTV massive event.  After waiting in line for 3 hours we somehow managed to be among the last few people to make it in.  After a Pan panel the lights went down and the audience was left guessing what trailer would be played next.  Suicide Squad was my most anticipated panel and the only reason I got up that early!  As soon as the trailer started playing and everyone realized what we were seeing the crowd went nuts!  Following the trailer the entire cast came out and gave a quick speech.
  4. Running into Felicia Day on the convention floor. The really cool thing about getting the preview night pass is shopping for everything on the Wednesday early before the bulk of the crowd arrives. What is also really cool about that is that celebs like Felicia Day are doing the same thing. I was waiting in line for one of the venders when I realized the whole time I was standing beside her! A lot of celebrities use costumes so they are able to go in undetected but its really cool when you can just hangout with them in line because you are both nerding out!
  5. Dance parties! One of my favorite moments at comic con every year is the dance party that Nerd HQ usually throws.  It’s basically Zachary Levi and all his celeb friends hosting a fun party for nerds.  I’ve had a blast every time I’ve gone as you always end up meeting random new people!

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