Geek Top Five 32 – Orillia Comic-Con

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It’s that Geek Top Five time of the week! In the news, we talk about Star Trek, Venom, and The Dark Universe! Then, we take a road trip to the Orillia Comic-Con! Here are some of the people we got … Continued

Geek Top Five 31 – Grand Admiral Thrawn

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Happy Mother’s Day! We’ve news on Dark Tower, Battletech, and Hellboy. Then, Joel joins us for the Top Five Reasons Grand Admiral Thrawn is a great villain!

Geek Top Five 30 – Geek Deep Dive on Complete Viewings

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We’ve set a new record! 30 whole episodes of Geek Top Five! This week, we’ve got news on Superhero fighting games, an amusement park, and the Super Nintendo. Then, we Geek Deep Dive into how valid an opinion is if … Continued

Geek Top Five 29 – Top Five Joss Whedon Productions

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It’s a fantastic day for some Geek Top Five! This week we have news about Thor, Megaman and The Last Jedi! Then, Kylie’s back with the Top Five Joss Whedon Productions!

Geek Top Five – Toronto Comic Con 2017

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It’s the biggest episode yet! We’ve got news on The Matrix, Dungeons and Dragons, and Venom. Then, we take you directly to the Toronto Comic Con and bring you Top 5 lists with Jim Zub, Andrew Wheeler, Jason Loo, Ty Templeton, … Continued

Geek Top Five – Top 5 Klingons!

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In celebration of Family Day, we bring you a brand new episode! In the news we talk about a possible Firefly reboot, a new Philip Pullman trilogy, and the NBA’s new esport league. Then, Dave Clarke returns with a list … Continued

Geek Top Five – Replacing Actors

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It’s that time again – Geek Top Five! This week, we talk about a Green Lantern film, a Good Omens mini-series, and The Nintendo Switch. Then, we do a Geek Deep Dive on the practice of replacing actors with CG … Continued

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