The special guests who have provided top five lists for us to discuss.

Kylie Bechberger

Episode Links: One, Kylie on Rebirth, Kylie on SDCC, Sixteen, Kylie on Invasion, Twenty-Nine, Thirty-Nine

Top five random facts about Kylie:
  1. She is hopelessly devoted to watching DC comics tv shows and watches all four (Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow) every week.
  2. Has every Harry Potter movie poster framed in her hallway at home.  Yes that’s 8 Harry Potter posters in one house….
  3. She has played on a Baseball team every summer since she could walk. She is pretty sure she was the home run queen on her Tee-ball team.
  4. The first movie she ever saw in theatres was Beauty and The Beast and since then has seen it over 100 times.  She wishes she was exaggerating.
  5. She has never been on a podcast until now!


Shaggy Shanahan

Episode Links: Two, Seventeen, Bonus 1 pt1Bonus 1 pt 2

Shaggy Shanahan is the writer of the Shrub Monkeys webcomic and Silly Kingdom. Check him out at

Jonathan Stephen

Episode Links: Three, Fourteen, Bonus 1 pt1, Bonus 1 pt 2

Jonathan Stephen is a video game and beer enthusiast, and is aggressively handsome to boot!

Jim Zub

Episode Links: Four, Twenty-Seven, Thirty-Six

Jim Zub is the writer and co-creator of Skull Kickers, Wayward, and the forthcoming Glitterbomb. He’s also written Dungeons and Dragons, Samurai Jack, Conan the Barbarian, and Marvel’s Thunderbolts amongst many other titles. You can learn more about him at

David Ansell

Episode Links: Five, Twenty, Twenty-Eight

Dave Ansell is a sci-fi loving brony!

Eric Kiely

Episode Links: Six

Eric Kiely is a go to source for all that is best in the Geek world! Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Spider-Man, Simpsons, Nintendo – that’s just the beginning of a nearly endless list.

Brad Dworkin

Episode Links: Seven, Forty-Six

Not only is Brad Dworkin an incredibly knowledgeable film fan, he’s also a film and TV director in his own right. Check out his work at


Sonali Kirshenbaum

Episode Links: Eight

Sonali is easily one of the top five nurses in the world! She’s also an RPG expert, and Queen of all things Tetris.


Ziny Kirshenbaum

Episode Links: Nine, Sixteen, Thirty-Five, Forty-Five

Ziny is the mother of our illustrious host, Jesse! She’s also a geek of the highest order with immense knowledge of everything from the original Star Trek all the way to Arrow and Supergirl.


David Hall

Episode Links: Eleven, Seventeen, Thirty-Eight

David Hall is a rabid consumer of all things pop culture. He devours TV shows like most people consume chips, and quickly masters any board game he is presented with.


Mike O’Leary

Episode Links: Twelve

Mike O’Leary is a comic book, movie, and TV loving fanboy who is a frequent visitor to the San Diego Comic Con


Jeff Goodman

Episode Links: Thirteen, Fourteen

Jeff Goodman is a yoga master, and sports lover! He also loves Star Trek, Neil Gaiman, and heavy metal.


Dan Zaiontz

Episode Links: Thirteen, Fourteen

Dan Zaiontz is a legitimate social media expert! A less well known aspect of his life is his passion for Star Trek, comic books, and Ghostbusters.


Tim Clark

Episode Links: Fifteen

Tim Clark is the founder of 3rd Robot Collectibles. He’s a connoisseur of all things 80s and geeky.


Kate Parker

Episode Links: Eighteen

Kate Parker is a gaming geek from Great Britain! She also knows more than her fair share about Hobbits and The Shire.


Carmelo Tropiano

Episode Links: Nineteen

Carmelo Tropiano is an English professor at Seneca College. One of the most popular courses at the school is his Zombie Apocalypse class, which makes him the ideal person to go to when you need a Walking Dead list!


Joel Colesberry

Episode Links: Twenty, Thirty-One, Thirty-Five, Forty-Five

Joel is the rare mix of outdoorsmen and geek! He can help you build a tent, and defend Captain Janeway all at the same time.


Dave Clarke

Episode Links: Twenty-two, Twenty-Five, Forty-Two

Dave is a sound engineer and musician, who also happens to be a huge Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast!


Doug Benn

Episode Links: Twenty-Four

Doug is the biggest Simpsons fan we have ever met. He’s also a Toronto based filmmaker, and one of the host of the web talk show The Point!


Ellen Wong

Episode Links: Thirty-Three

Ellen is a rising star in the world of film and TV! Her breakout was in the Edgar Wright film Scott Pilgram, and she has since been in The Carrie Diaries, Dark Matter, and in the upcoming Netflix series G.L.O.W. You can follow her on Instagram here


David Fraser

Episode Links: Thirty-Four

David Fraser is a veteran actor with many credits to his name. His biggest geek roles are from Sailor Moon, Robocop, and Michelangelo in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III.


Andrew Wheeler

Episode Links: Forty-Three

Andrew Wheeler is a writer, podcaster, and former editor of Comics Alliance. Some of his best known works are Another Castle, Freelance, and Valentin and the Widow. He can be found @Wheeler